My Old LaTeX Package : sknife

Some of the small programs I wrote on my spare time. They are Free Software, and written mostly in OCaml.
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My Old LaTeX Package : sknife

Post by Vincent » Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:55 pm

LaTeX package which I made long ago. Lots of nice little tricks in there. While there are some things there which I would definitely do (or say) differently now, I still find most of this useful.
  • lots of shortcuts for lazy people
  • page layout tricks
  • graphs of monadic functions using pstricks
  • etc.
Unless you have exactly the same taste as I had when I wrote this, the idea is more to pick and choose what you really need in there than using the package directly.
The package itself.
(22.27 KiB) Downloaded 1213 times
See here if you need help to install LaTeX packages.
Its main documentation
(288.37 KiB) Downloaded 1992 times
Matrices' ad.pdf
Some words on typesetting matrices
(60.37 KiB) Downloaded 1599 times
{ Vincent Hugot }

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