VDF library (OBSOLETE)

Some of the small programs I wrote on my spare time. They are Free Software, and written mostly in OCaml.
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VDF library (OBSOLETE)

Post by Vincent » Fri Sep 05, 2008 5:17 pm


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Language: Objective Caml

License: GNU GPL

OS: Any

Support for VDF (Versatile Data Format) in OCaml programs. (read and write)

Custom file format which I use to store options etc. It stands somewhere between INI and XML.

The structure of a VDF file corresponds to the following types:

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(** VDF values *)
type tvalue = 
  | Vval  of string         (** standard values: strings *)
  | Vaval of string list    (** array(list) of strings *)

(** A group is a value or a group of values and groups *)
type tgroup = 
  | Gval of string * tvalue       (** standard value *)
  | Ggrp of string * tgroup list  (** group *)
  | Gcom of string                (** comment *)
  | Gparam of string * string     (** parameter *)
A VDF file looks like this:

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# comment 
!vdf_parameter = some value

a_value = 1/2

{ group 
  avalue = 3.14

  { subgroup
    val = something

    a_list = [
      first elem

  # etc...

{ other_group
  # etc...
Use ./buildlib.sh to build the library. See test.ml for an example program.

In a nutshell, just do

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open Vdflib
let f = new Vdf.file "example.vdf" in
See the documentation of the class Vdf.file.

It is possible to define mathematical and logical relationships between values, using the method transform f. Since it deals with the values in their order of appearance in the file, if f is a mathematical evaluator with side-effects (such as MEME), you can define a value as a function of another:

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x = let x = 5 in x
y = if x > 10 then 2*x else 3*x
once transformed, you would get

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x = "5"
y = "15"
{ Vincent Hugot }

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